Engage your customers by personalizing their journey in real time

A customer's potential of purchasing increases proportionally with increase in time on site. Make a hospitable environment for every customer by displaying personalized products after analyzing customer's current and past activity.

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Front Page Recommendations

Priority products curated for every visitor

Retain user sessions by delivering curated products. Front Page Recommendations capture interest of new and returning customers alike resulting in more conversions

Product & Category Page Recommendations

Similar products with a mix of collective intelligence

Customer viewing a product indicates personal interests and current needs. This creates an opportunity to leverage the commonalities between multiple products and shoppers. Make shopping experience more convenient and relevant by providing Product Page recommendations. Increase total value of the order by letting your customers find what they are looking for in a quick and easy way.

Personalized Cross and Upselling

Encourage cross and upselling near the end of your funnel. Reduce abandoned carts by revealing products frequently purchased or viewed with products in cart.

A/B Campaigns

Test traffic split between variations

Visually witness improving performance of your sales funnel as personide shapes itself around your customer's behavior.