Kickass conversion rates for your online store

We’ll help your shoppers find the right product at the right time through our winning shopping experiences. Now increase those conversion rates by over 20% and drive both sales and customer loyalty, at the same time.

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Simple, Fast, Plug and Play Integrations for your online store

Seamlessly build the ideal consumer journey with our intuitive interface and supported plugins


The All-in-one Personalization Suite

Boost sales, engagement, and customer lifetime value through relevant shopper insights

Make 1-to-1 Product Recommendations

Curate algorithmically delivered product recommendations specific to each customer.

A website theme for every shopper

Optimize landing pages and website content based on custom audience segments.

Sell more with on-site ads

Trigger shopping impulses by analyzing behaviour and showing customers what they need.

Communicate beyond the store

Send relevant emails and texts to shoppers with tailored messaging to improve click-through rates.

Become more memorable

Send reminders about offers and discounts through customer-specific push notifications.

Drive 1:1 engagement with your customer

Start conversations and provide real-time support to customers through tailored interaction.

Drive your growth:


Guaranteed increase in conversion


Retained Customer Growth


Enhanced User Engagement

How it works

Seamlessly build the ideal consumer journey with our intuitive interface and supported plugins

Know where they’re going through heatmaps

Observe how your visitors are interacting with your store, where they’re clicking & what they’re seeing.

Build the right journey through funnel analysis

Know where your customers fall out, where they spend the most time, & what they like to do in your store.

Segment each customer to keep it relevant

Use behavioural and demographic data to create segments and stay one step ahead.

Store Insights

Have a birds-eye view on your online store performance and take business decisions according to the most important KPIs of your online store.

Product Insights

Find insights from each product by reviewing popular items, new items and top categories

Customer Insight

Gather unique insights on your customer’s demographics and follow his entire journey through your online store.

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