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With the ubiquity of digitally offered services, online stores are seizing every opportunity to ensure visitors don't leave empty handed. With Personide's advance AI algorithms you can now leverage natural human behavior and drive up eCommerce sales

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Increasing products and growing customers is a challenge to be met! Personide meets that with product catalogue optimized for the preference of your customers through learning from their behavior.

Personalized Product Recommendation

Dashboarding: Business Insights

Over 15% increase in converting visitors

2-Step integration with your online store

Personide provides plug-and-play integrations for your store through supported plugins and intuitive APIs. There are no boundaries to where the personalization is going to benefit you!

Adaptable AI driven platform

Adaptability is key for every business, specially when it comes to serving customers. Personide is a powerhouse of eCommerce AI research! Fueled by your data Personide can mould itself to shape your customers' experience

Increase customer loyalty

Research suggests that with just a 5% increase in customer retention, profitability goes up by 75%. Personalized experience is the key to retaining customers by delivering exactly what they want.

Profile buyer behavior

By collecting customer behavioral data and leveraging machine learning, personide selects the optimal content for each visitor giving them a wonderful shopping experience.

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Maximized Conversion Rate

Increased Customer Loyalty

Retained Customer Growth

Increased Revenue

Enhanced User Engagement

Minimized Confusion

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